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Major projects in Real estate, constructions & utilities, project development
  • Legal assistance to a multinational company that operates discount retail supermarket chains in 24 European countries and that needed to run a number of legal operations necessary to penetrate the Romanian market, including procurement of land for the construction of supermarkets in over 60 locations all over Romania, the conclusion of specific contracts for the construction of supermarkets and the performance of specific activities in Romania.
  • A feasibility study for a governmental body regarding the adjustment of FIDIC Contract Conditions to the Romanian law system and the legal norms applicable in Romania, especially in the field of public procurement and public finance, given the prospective obligation to use these Contract Conditions in works contracts of public authorities in matters of investment objectives.
  • Legal assistance for the negotiation and implementation of a FIDIC-type works contract governing the implementation of infrastructure projects carried out by local authorities.
  • Assistance in the judicial operations necessary for the “Washington Residence” residential project located in Northern Bucharest, amounting to over €30,000,000 worth of private capital. The assistance included inter alia checking land ownership papers, the conclusion of project financing agreements, permitting, the negotiation and signing of design and construction contracts, drawing up, negotiating and signing apartment sales agreements and formal arrangements of registration in real estate records.
  • Legal assistance to the Romanian waterways authority that handles the Romanian Danube sector regarding the management of a €6,000,000 FIDIC-type of contract to refloat the Rostok shipwreck, concluded with a multinational consortium of American-Dutch-Romanian companies and financed by the European Investment Bank.
  • Assistance in certain legal operations necessary for the development of an 8-story office building construction project in Northern Bucharest amounting to over €5,000,000 worth of private funding; services also included inter alia checking the land ownership papers, the conclusion of project financing agreements, permitting, negating and signing design and construction contracts and legal arrangements to have the documents registered in official real estate records.
  • Assistance to Romania’s national gambling games company for the settlement of the legal situation of about 1,000 of its own buildings, located nationwide, by assessing the legal situation of the buildings, obtaining information and documents from the cadastre and real estate publicity offices or other authorities, identifying disputes and buildings in connection to which third parties have introduced retrocession demands/ownership claims and taking legal steps to clarify the legal situation of the ownership right over the buildings, including the introduction of legal actions against any third parties for the acknowledgment of the ownership right in favor of the company.
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