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Reorganizations and labour law

RATIU & RATIU provides assistance for all issues associated to concluding, enforcing and terminating collective bargaining contracts and individual employment contracts, restructuring and reorganization operations. RATIU & RATIU represents and counsels employers on issues related to employees, including disciplinary actions, dismissals and termination of employment contracts, severance payments and the relationship with trade unions.

RATIU & RATIU offers a full range of legal services in labour law matters:

  • specialized counseling regarding compliance with labour law legislation, consisting of legal opinions on the evaluation and interpretation of the legal framework, assistance on practical issues of labour law that occur in the normal course of business, including hiring procedures, issues associated to concluding, amending, suspending and terminating employment contracts, evaluation of staff performances, payment of salaries and contributions, leaves of absence, disciplinary sanction of the employees, record-keeping and document management
  • assistance to employers that prepare and implement reorganization/restructuring programs, including assistance in matters such as: preparing the supporting documents, documenting the changes that occur in the organizational chart and the list of positions, preparing the correspondence with trade unions and county employment agencies, preparing dismissal decisions, and granting severance payments according to legal provisions and the collective bargaining contracts
  • legal assistance in the relationship of employers with trade unions, including specialized counseling regarding the representativeness of trade unions and assistance in preparing and negotiating collective bargaining contracts as well as in the resolution of collective labour conflicts
  • assistance to clients in labour conflicts, including assistance in procedures such as conciliation, mediation and arbitration with strikers and representation in the proceedings carried out before the court for the resolution of labour conflicts, assistance regarding the enforcement of labour law conflict resolution, regarding salaries, other entitlements or workplace reintegration
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